Our Vegitable Seeds

  • AKHILA -189

    Semi-determinate with more vigorous plant habit
    Fruits are flat round, acidic i.e. sour taste, highly attractive. Average fruit weight 80-100gm. First harvest 60-65 days after transplantation. Fruits are with high firmness best suitable for long distance transportation.
    Very high-yielding hybrid, tolerant to TLCV and also heat set hybrid, which is more fit to summer sowings besides regular seasons.


    Determinate, high vigorous plant with good foliage
    Very early, fruits are acidic, desi type , medium sized, flattish round, deep red after maturity. Average fruit weight 80-90 gm.
    High yielding hybrid, having good firmness, long distance transportation, tolerant to TLCV and suitable to grow round the year.


    Vigorous tall determinate to semi determinate plants with high foliage cover
    Fruits are flat round with green shoulder, acidic type i.e sour taste.
    Average fruit weight 90-100 gm. First harvest starts 60-65 days after transplantation
    Fruits with high keeping quality and very good for long distance transportation.
    Very high yielding hybrid, with intermediate resistance to TLCV.

  • SUMA 99

    Highly vigorous medium tall plant with good branching habit
    High yielding and high tolerance to YVMV in drat area, less hairy and easy harvesting
    Attractive glossy medium green smooth fruits. Average length 10-12 cm. First harvest starts 40-45 days after sowing.


    Tall plant, vigorous, well branched erect plants with short inter nodes.
    An attractive green fruit commences 45-50 days.
    Fruits are spineless, tender withy 5 ridges, good bearing with partial tolerant to YVMV.


    Medium tall, vigorous, well branched erect plants with medium inter nodes.
    Attractive dark shiny fruits commences 40-45 days and suitable for summer.
    Fruit are spineless, tender with 5 ridges, good bearing with partial YVMV.


    Early maturing hybrid with vigorous vine habit.
    Fruits with strong firm ridges, sweet flesh, less seeds and very good keeping quality.
    Fruits are straight long length with good girth.
    Very attractive dark green fruits with an average weight.

  • HAMSA 126

    Highly vigorous plans with strong vines
    High premium, high yielding, prolific continuous bearing, early hybrid with good keeping and transport quality.
    Fruits are cylindrical, attractive, light green, 30-35 cm long with deep ridges. First harvest starts 42-45 days after sowing.

  • HARINI - 369

    Early maturing prolific bearing hybrid.
    Medium long straight attractive green fruits with deep ridges.
    Fresh is very tender, white in colour and less seeded.

  • VENNELA - 306

    Highly vigorous, early prolific and continuous bearing hybrid.
    Fruits are 20-25 cm long, white in colour with tubercles.
    Average fruit weight 125-150 gm.
    High yielding and good shipper.

  • SHALINI - 333

    Highly vigorous plants with prolific bearing habit
    Fruits are tender cylindrical 35-40 cm length
    Rind is smooth with uniform light green colour.
    Flesh is white with slow seed maturity. First harvest starts 55-60 days.

  • SHAKEELA -3132

    Highly vigorous, profuse bearing plant habit.
    Fruits are with light green in colour, bulb shape with prominent neck at top.
    Tender flesh with slow seed maturity. Average fruit weight 1.5-2.0 kg.
    First harvest start 55-60 days after sowing.
    High yielding hybrid, with traditional desi shape besides good shelf life.

  • KESARI - 459

    Highly vigorous hybrid with 85-90 days crop duration
    Fruits are oval to oblong shape, rind light green with dark green stripes, flesh is attractive crimson red with very good texture and sweetness. TSS 13-14%. Average fruit weight 9-10 kg.
    Highly yielding hybrid, with excellent keeping quality and transport quality.